Grin ledger hardware wallet progress thread by @markhollis

Update for weeks May 24 to June 7,

  • I couldn’t work further much because of being unwell. At the moment I also have covid. I reorganized my client library to connect with the ledger device, according to how the company Zondax is structuring their client libraries. See for example: GitHub - Zondax/ledger-filecoin-rs.

Update for weeks June 7 to June 21,

  • I started working on the Ledger Live wallet app. I made a library to communicate with the Ledger app in TypeScript.

Awesome! Is it possible to estimate where the implementation roughly is from 0/project Idea to 100/ready for end user? I am a bit lost by just reading the individual updates, because I have no clue what is actually needed.

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The project consists largely of these parts:

  • Ledger app wallet
  • grin-wallet integration
  • Live Ledger wallet app (TypeScript and React are used in the starter project)
  • integration tests (I do these in Rust)

These are the main actions that the hardware wallet should be involved with:

  • Build coinbase
  • Build output
  • Getting slatepack proof address

It is hard to estimate or put a number percentage on it. I am not done with the previous elements, far from it. I have ‘lost’ quite some time on issues that weren’t as important; some issues with the handling of errors and traits in Rust.
For example (this can sound too technical), I wanted to make my integration test functions generic enough that it can use the hardware wallet client library, as wel as a Speculos wrapper). But this turns out to be a bit more difficult/time consuming for me at the moment, so I decided to do a more ‘back to basics’ approach.