'grin exchange' seeing some search volume, 'murica!


@Grumpy Is our first memeologist. The bar is being set right now.

You gotta change the smile for your profile icon, Gwumpy. Ha!

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@Numecca Thanks! Got the imaged changed, looks way better. Great! Yes I got a PHD in memeology from the school of hard knocks!

I’ve got some stuff in the works, great great stuff. Songs, maybe music videos, meme videos, and one grand project that I’ll need to work on in absolute pitch black secrecy.

What sort of current music do you think fits well with the grin logo? I’m looking for examples, so I can know what style to write in. Thanks.


Bitcoin and Grin, some truly great works being built in the open.

But I understand there were some other truly great works created in complete secrecy too…


I have no idea, but I heard on good account from credible sources it sounds like…

And obviously @MF_Grin if you are not a Grinner you are a Sinner. But don’t ever repeat that. @Grumpy (It is known).


We should just do a lot of stuff with tracking and Grin’s face. I mean, Grin is the next face on this list

That’s the song that came into my head.

We’ll figure out some cool stuff. We should all just chat and synthesize ideas.

I would never go to Burning Man, but it seems like a good vector of distribution for some reason. Maybe we should Gofundme our own war rig and you can play the guitar.

@Numecca I will totes tell you the secret in a message. Damn I’m bad at pitch black secrecy!

I checked out some psytrance, and didn’t find the exact perfect grin-logo tier vibe I’m looking for, but I did find my themesong for when I put on my special keyboard warrior pants for when I’m SLAYING CONCERN GOBLINS FOR SPORT. :slight_smile: my body is ready.

It’s @ 10:21 -