Grin Augur prediction

Came across this: Grin prediction on Augur. At current conditions, at or above the predicted market cap of $500 million, Grin would be in the top 20 surpassing Ethereum Classic and Zcash.

I think it will happen. I don’t know about the time frame, but I think it should happen—if people know what’s good for them, that is. Thoughts?

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This is the top-10 of PoW coins by daily issuance as seen on

1 Bitcoin (BTC) $5,393,765
2 Ethereum (ETH) $1,747,661
3 ZCash (ZEC) $372,245
4 Litecoin (LTC) $325,547
5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $173,238
6 Dash (DASH) $115,834
7 Monero (XMR) $105,949
8 Ethereum Classic (ETC) $93,079
9 Digibyte (DGB) $34,164
10 Dogecoin (DOGE) $28,275

$500 million in 6 months implies a daily issuance of $2,732,240, putting Grin in 2nd place.
I seriously don’t see that happening… although it deserves a place in the top-10.

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I agree that 6 months to 500m is quite optimistic. 86,400 grins per day equaling $2,732,240, that’s 31.62 per grin, correct? I wouldn't be surprised to see grin at that value, at least initially, when it first hits exchanges.

Do you think people are more willing to spend a cryptocurrency, and perceive it to be cash like, if it’s unit value (i.e., 1 grin) is close to the US dollar?

There is no volume in this prediction

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