Good book on crypto magic?

For some time I have been searching for a good book to upgrade the width as well as the dept of my understanding of all the cryptography techniques that are out there in various crypto projects.
A year back I red Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Basically I am searching for a book with the same level of dept with a focus on the application and concepts but then for all things crypto out there. To name a few things, Merkle mountain ranges, various types of signatures, various types of 2end layer technologies like lightning, plasma, sharding, side chains, various mining or PoW typ and alternatives such Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA), merged mining distributed hash tables etc.

So basically I am searching for a book about crypto magic in general. For me the concept and application are more important than the mathematical proofs, hence I like the style of “Mastering Bitcoin”. Does anyone know a book out there that would fit this description? I considered reading the Grinoir for this reason, but I think it has different focus and is more about the history of crypto and currencies. If I am wrong on this assumption, please let me know.