will delist Grin (EDIT: will stop Perpetual Contracts, not spot trading for Grin)

Beam is also affected. Reason stated is “due to insufficient liquidity and trading interest:”

Always interesting to see how delisting news coincides with crypto dumps. You would nearly think they are trying to dump the price :thinking: :wink:.
Pity though, many miners used to sell Grin on Maybe less lately because for the current prices most miners who can afford it HODL their Grin. At least, I do.

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Well this will be interesting.

Edit: Actually I’m not sure that’s what it says. It says Grin perpetual contracts.


It’s just Perpetual Contracts.
Removing them is good to avoid manipulation.
Spot trading was not affected.


Thanks for the catch, i missed that!


Good to know, that is not something I think anyone in the community would find a miss.

We keep our heads down and stay humble

How is it interesting to be delisted, i really dont get your point.
Are you looking from miner perspective ?

What I mean is that the timing is interesting and makes me suspect its FUD. It is more a general comment on how it is interesting that when the price needs to go down the market always times it with “bad news” like: delisting, banktroubles, hacks, chinese property bubble…etc.