Free (+S&H) tower or rack servers for GRIN development, services or storage

I’m doing a large lab refresh and consolidation that I hope can benefit the GRIN community.

I have a pair of Huawei RH2288V3 SFF 2U hypervisors (Dell R630 equivalent) and an IBM X3500 M4 SFF + LFF 16 bay tower and a HP ML310E G8v2 LFF 4 bay tower I’ve decommissioned along with some network equipment. Anyone interested in self hosting or has a use for them for a GRIN related project I’d like to offer them up as for a few reasons these units are adequately functional but would need to be as-is ebay listings that I don’t want to bother with as I am a refurbisher.

I’d include a 160 or 240GB SSD in each with a 3TB HGST HDD added to the LFF and 16-32gb DDR3 or 4 ECC memory.

Cost would be for USPS parcel select shipping from 99208 as I get free pickup from them.

I am going to be also looking in to ways my big enterprise grade lab can be of use to the ecosystem also as I self host my services as much as possible and will have terabytes of ZFS storage and plenty of spare clustered compute to contribute.


I have pics of the racks all these servers were on with the Huawei’s being the bottom 3U-6U spaces.

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I’ve been brainstorming how to use my lab for GRIN, like offering custodial grin++ node instances, being a coin mixer server, hosting sites and alternate download locations for GRIN utilities, etc…

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Great to see your enthusiasm, actually grin node does not require such high end server.
I suggest to build something like crypto exchange/webserver that requires resource consumption.

Ooohhh I have rack envy. Don’t need any more servers, but I do enjoy looking at pictures of your rack

Amazing! If I was in the US I would totally accept and use it for hosting Grinventions-related stuff!


Me like :drooling_face: There must be something we could use that hardware for, e.g. a super fast PIBD syncing node connected to many peers.

A few of the hosting use cases I considered are providing mirrors for whomever would like one for their site and also hosting a gitlab instance that has a fresh wiki, current releases of the various projects as a sort of software mirror alongside guides on how to use them and mine with the G1’s. Like’s get started section for GRIN.

I’m open to suggestions on what kind of exchange or crypto application would require this much power to host, but I am not a super great coder so I won’t be creating a huge project like that on my own. I’m more of an infrastructure and services kinda technical person.

I have dual WAN LTE SIM slots in my edge router and was thinking I might see/ask about some sort of cellular service for GRIN that would be a good idea to pursue.

Yeah, I run LXC containers and could deploy nodes upon nodes if needed and can provide secure access I was thinking by using wireguard since I can do a hub and spoke designed routing network of authorized endpoints.

Also will be hosting a Tor exit node for the first time coming up.

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