Free GRIN and wallet test

Anybody who wants to test that his wallet can receive grin or to have some balance for messing around, you are free to use following command:


Dotnet core service at the other end will scan your 13415 port and if opened, attempt to send grin. There is plenty for everybody at the moment of writing. Service will block your IP each time for 10 minutes or even permanently if you try too many times.

If your port is closed you’ll get:

If the wallet can be reached, you’ll see this:

Please note that each transaction locks wallet until cleared.


Is there currently any way to send and receive grin over port 443?

Fixed now.

I assume your question is not related to the gringod service? It does not tunnel any information though port 80, all wallet interaction is done on its own port. Theoretically, it may be possible to use the outgoing connection to tunnel (and encrypt) wallet interactive data exchange, but not with curl.