Flare Wallet - Simple to use wallet with Grin support

I didn’t accuse you. You should re-read my posts.

Allow me to have publicly expressed doubts and skepticism on closed source wallet run by anonymous. It is just common sense that I wanted, and want here again to remind.

Again, I am not anonymous. You can find me on LinkedIn :slight_smile:

Feel free to express your concerns as always, I hope my message clears some things up.

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And also, on your website, it is written:

“With the Flare multi-currency crypto wallet you retain complete control over all your private keys - unlike, if they are stored on centralized wallets.”

This sentence is amateurish at best and another red flag to me.

By the way, jb332, a few ideas below if you exit scam:

Any timeline in mind to open-source the wallet?

You’re being terribly defensive for such a sensible concern. The fact that you are making irrelevant points such as the network traffic and wallet713 is a big red flag. Downplaying the risks and throwing around big irrelevant statements are telltale signs of scammers.

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Thanks Kurt for this important reminder for noobs like me. Originally I had trouble getting Grin++ working, so I looked for other options. I got Flare up and running quickly, which got me started in making small grin transactions.
After reading your comments I opened my Flare wallet (that had 10grin this morning) and it is now all gone.
Luckily, I did not rely on it as my main wallet, I have been using Niffler, which works well…An important reminder to all noobs!

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Butterbeer, did you restore your wallet? On first load-up, it takes several minutes to initialize the grin wallet. If you close out too early, then it will not scan the chain completely for your transactions. If you are having issues, your seed phrase is compatible with other grin wallets like wallet713.

Don’t give up on your 10 grin just yet. An exit scam would be unlikely to hit you right when you read about a warning. It’s more likely to be another cause.

Give the wallet time to sync and see if they show up again. If that doesn’t work, do you see a “spend” transaction with them leaving the wallet?

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Hey Jb,

My wallet was open for several hours while I was doing other things. Afterwards I restarted my pc, closed and restored the flare wallet several times and the balance remained 0. The history page didn’t even show any of the previous transactions in it. Again its weird, because earlier today everything was fine, it just started acting out later on.
About an hour after I sent my comment - the amounts reappeared!..Sure there might have been a bug, but I find this all very suspicious.

Hey Chronos,

How do I check to see if there was a “spend” transaction leaving the wallet?

It would show up in the transaction history.

The transaction history on the wallet or on an explorer? Its really strange, I tried sending the “suddenly appeared” grin to my niffler wallet (about 30 min ago), and it doesnt show up in niffler wallet (despite it being “on” and having worked previously). According to the F. Wallet the transaction was completed…I check the Txid on block explorer and says my “sent” grin was spent, again it s not in my niffler wallet.

[very POTENTIAL (sophisticated) SCAM]

grow a pair and opensource if you are not.

Find partnership with something else than GHOST companies like Changelly.


My wife still doesn’t believe in me!

Flare wallet have issues, I had 500 grin in the wallet, then I sent 5 grin to a grinbox and my balance on my flare wallet went to zero and the transaction history is showing in progress. It’s over two days now and my balance is still showing zero. I check the history the 5 grin transaction is still in progress.

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Have you tried restoring your wallet from seed?


At last thank God. Thanks Neo, I restored my wallet from seed and all my funds are back :hugs::blush::wink:

New update (1.0.15) released:

Changes for Grin include:

  • Compatibility for the Grin 3.0 HardFork
  • Grin Tor receiving address (if Tor is on your system path, otherwise defaults to standard http)

Note: Sending to Tor addresses is still not supported, only receiving is. In near future, Tor will not need to be installed on system path to enable tor receiving/sending.

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Extra careful with this wallet peeps.

Grin++ and Nifler are the best GUI wallets for GRIN, open source, with no shitty useless partnership, and with very trustworthy developers. Unlike flare.


That’s awesome. Thanks for your hard work supporting Grin.

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