Financial report 2021


Grin used to release financial reports each quarter. This didn’t happen since @lehnberg took a break. I have some questions regarding the financial status of Grin. As I am a little concerned about current rate of spending.

Is it right that at this moment there is 87,88 BTC in Grin funding? Q12020
Is it right that 38.325 BTC ($1.8mil current BTC) is spent this year? Wallet 1 + Wallet 2

Is there another wallet I am missing or can we conclude that 30,37% of the funding is spent last year?

Will there be a financial report for 2021 which explains current spending and that makes a financial prognosis for the near future?


A community council was formed that has their own multisig setup. About 1/3 was transferred to their multisig. Other than that, the only transactions that went out were for the developments that were agreed on on the meetings afaik.

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When can I withdraw my Grin from the exchange, because the wallet is willing to be unable to withdraw