Exit From Matrix 27.03 (10k GRIN between all participants)

Hello, Community!
I am starting a contest:

  • Burn USD paper and record video proof
  • Share it on Twitter with your personal GRIN address and hashtags:
    #ExitFromMatrix #Grin #MimbleWimble

2 weeks left.
27.03 I will share 10k between all participants.


I would be remiss if I did not mention that burning legal tender in the United States is illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison. I do not advocate anyone do this let alone record it, but y’all do y’all.


I gotta work with you gave me
claiming im a criminal but you’re the one that made me
they got me trapped in this slavery
now im lost in this holocaust headed to my grave G
I told Sam he can fuck the war
and gotta bust they jaw for saying fuck the law
and if you wonder why im made check the record
what a nigga got to do to get respected
sometimes I think im getting tested
and if I dont say yes a nigga quick to get arrested
thats the reason I stay zested
I keep a vest on my chest incase the cops are getting restless
running around ready to light shit up
and since my life is fucked some say Im slightly nuts
buck buck is the sound as I move other niggas pay attention when a fool bust …huh
they make a nigga be a killer I used to be a dealer
but they wanted to see who’s realer
and I wonder if the lord ever heard of me I need loot


New account created to post a message encouraging forum members to break laws?
This is a bad actor, user should be banned and post deleted.

I have to agree this is a potential bad actor. Not saying it is, just be careful. Feel free to burn money at your own risk, but do not expect a non-vetted community member to transfer you Grin afterwards :wink:

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Afaik, its only illegal to burn dollars in the US. Most of this community is not based in the US. Don’t assume your laws apply to the whole world.

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You joined 4 hours ago and blaming me?

While they hit em with basics we’re building spaceships
escape the matrix fuck the system they couldn’t phase us
shooting lasers lost Ark like we’re with the raiders
we aint …tripping on that shit you made up minds are made up
they just wanna make sure that we get paid to celebrate the pagan holidays
Distractions distractions master mind conciseness …Thinking for the masses
aint no throwing tantrums I be seeing randoms 7777777 thats if you know what that is
power communication that is …my calling card is good in the 5th dimension
all I wann do is free my mental …why you wanna be so judgmental ?
you’re the furthest from god need a exorcism in the mirror everyday but dont get
no you dont get it living in fear scared like the boogieman gone come get cha
yeah thats what you pictured guess thats what you getting
you should of paid more attention to your visions
you could of paid more attention to the mission
you could of saw more with your intuition


I feel your pain here, this is how our journey will be started.
GRIN is here to replace old cash system, GRIN is Digital Cash.
Remember 10k BTC pizza, I am offering it for everyone.

To be absolute clear, the Grin community does not endorse any illegal activity!
Any illegal actions you take are of your own volition and you should consider they can be potentially misused as a precedence by large actors to claim the Grin community is endorsing illegal activity, giving them a precedence to shut down Twitter, Discord, Telegram or other accounts :warning:


What’s illegal in States is not illegal at other world, remember it, we are not alone. USA is not center of Universe.

As I said, everyone is free to do what they want :grin:
It just needs to be absolutely clear that this is not a ‘community activity’ since it can be used against us. The post above hedges against the possibility of such post and activities being used to harm the project.


It’s my own initiative to attract more attention to problem of current situation with USD and GRIN itself as the only replacement.


Theres no need to be delusional, Bitcoin itself is yet to overtake any large banks in market cap and if people cannot understand Bitcoin getting them to understand MimbleWimble is going to be exponentially harder. Theres no need to burn money, just spend it on what you actually want.

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In fact when you burn USD you increase its scarcity and therefore its value so unless you LOVE usd don’t burn it.

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