Developer Communications - Newsletter

Greetings Grin Dev Community.

I really like the Grin Development newsletter (Thanks @lehnberg!) - especially the new RFC activity section.

In the interest of reducing the work required to include the RFC activity in the newsletter, I am seeking to partially automate the process.

I hope this will benefit us by reducing the work/time required for collecting the usual data for the newsletter and allow our generous author to optimize for providing the unique/nuanced content gathered from the world-at-large.

This post addresses a few things for which I would like to use to feed the usual data to the newsletter as well as get any feedback/input others may wish to contribute.

My initial thought is to automate the generation of a weekly post somewhere on to which @lehnberg could simply provide a link from the newsletter.

Discourse has an API that seems like it would easily support automated generation of a post. Similarly it seems that the API could also serve as an automation-friendly data source.

2 questions:

  1. Where would be a good place for the weekly post reside here on
  2. Would the contributing dev community allow/desire use of tags on the RFC artifacts in our git repo(s)?

#1 seems simple; I am comfortable just choosing a place to start - and move if/when more appropriate locations emerge.

#2 can be discussed here or addressed in RFC process template in the RFC git repo itself.

The idea of tags seems like it would be the easiest way to harvest the RFC status via automation.

I have observed that rust-lang/RFC uses a similar mechanism - but perhaps too elaborate for our needs at present. A recent and random example from rust-lang is here:

(Note: I have been using term “tag” - and I see now that github uses “label” - so when I say tag I mean label)

If anyone has specific reasons why I should not pursue this little project, please do reply or PM me here to provide me that guidance.

Cheers Grin Peeps


Seeing no objections it is now on me to make something useful. Thanks to those who read this and/or submitted a like.


This is a great idea, I meant to respond. Please let me know the feed url when you can, I will make sure it is automatically shared on the grinMW Twitter.

The development section would be a good place for it and is easy to turn into a feed on my end.