Deposit to Poloniex

I tested to deposit GRIN to Poloniex but got following message, do you have idea?

Wallet command failed: LibWallet Error: Can't Deserialize slate

I tried both " and ’ for the URL but same error.


I thinks it’s an issue on Poloniex side.

Had the same error yesterday. I recommend TradeOgre as an alternative but that’s just me.

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Yes, I had a problem depositing a few $GRIN last week to a Poloniex address.

Had similar problem trying to deposit some Grin from Niffler wallet to Poloniex - tx failed after several attempts. Can withdraw from Poloniex to Niffler wallet no problem using the Hedwig however.

I also try by sending files but Poloniex’s upload said ‘invalid file’. Strange.
However, the withdrawal is still good.

Generate a file with -v 0 flag, it should work on Poloniex.


Where do you add the -v 0 flag in the command line to send a http transaction to Poloniex? Thank you! :slight_smile: