Davinci talking about GRIN

Ok guys, normally I do not like to instigate conspiracies, but did anyone else notice this uncanny coincidence of DavinciJ15 mentioning “… Wimble Mimble…Grin inflation bugs…no sensible arguments…” just 3-4 days before the attack happened?
Did Davinci15 knew something that we did not :thinking: ?


It probably will remain a mystery forever, but the coincidence is striking.
It never gets boring with Grin.

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I noticed. I also notice that some very good YT Interviews, with people like Adam back mentioning grin talking about cryptography only get about 500 views, but almost every xy to the moon video talking about charts gets 10000s views within days.

That’s how conspiracy theories usually start :stuck_out_tongue: @Anynomous

  1. He pretends not to remember the correct name.
  2. Talking about bugs
  3. The way he talks shows guilt :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. We have a serious incident with Grin after 2-3 days

Adam Back is a legend @Doogevol and he was right in most things he mentioned in the past. We can not say the same thing for Davinci. He was right for bitcoin but if you watch his old videos years ago he’s wrong about other predictions.

Let me share with you @Anynomous @Doogevol a legendary 1999 post from Adam Back the year 1999. Double spending reminds you something? :wink:


Guys, just like Tromp did in the first reply, attack his arguments, not his personnality, his failing memory or his motivation. That’s not nice. I don’t believe this kind of behaviour from the community benefits Grin.


But the WimbleMimble after “months of research” was particularly funny, because he spelled G.r.i.n. into a camera two years earlier. That’s perfect meme material.

Sorry, it is like @grn said, it is just rather funny. Besides, being memed is being memorised/eternalised, it is kind of an honour. I think Davinci would laugh about it himself when he sees it.

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