Community Council miners - we need your opinion

Just a rough estimation, 100 Wat/chip, 42 (G1)+12*1 (G1 mini) = 5400 W.
Asuming an electricity cost of 0.12$/kWh (average US electricity cost).

Energy consumption | yearly cost

47174 kWh | $ 5661

Don’t we want to figure out the logistics first? Where are those miners being housed? Who will control the wallet(s)? How will we ensure transparency and accountability?

Sorry if this is already documented somewhere else.


We have it mostly figure out, but we still have to work out some details and make a formal report.
The G1 Mini’s can all ore nearly all be housed by Grin Community Council members (10-12 or so). We think it might be easier to keep it to council members since we already have a group to discuss such things and are all trusted (at least I hope we are).

The G1 is a story on its own, based on our internal discussions, I think we have at least two options for hosting the G1.
Transparency and accountability should still be worked on although it is not to hard to monitor since all miners will mine on Grinmint and should have the same hash rate (max 10% error per unit) since NHash performed some additional tests of the hardware.

The same thing goes for electricity, I think we all agree there should be full compensation for the electricity cost, I think all of us find it acceptable to get paid in Grin. But also here we have to formalize things, e.g. use a moving average, or quarterly average or so to determine the price we get paid in Grin. Suggestions on how to manage this best are more than welcome.

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This is an important consideration especially for a G1.

Most of the CC are based in Europe where electricity can be upwards of 0.35 $/kWh, where in the US 0.12 can be fairly common.

2800w @ 0.35 $/kWh is going to cost $8590 per year
2800w @ 0.12 $/kWh is going to cost $2945 per year

$5600 difference


Since this would be a bigger order, couldn’t you try to get nhash to accept Grin as Payment method? It just feels so wrong that you pay with $/bitcoin/tether for a Grin Miner. Grin is of no use if you can’t pay with it


I think that buying with btc is ok because grin has low liquidity. Imagine them getting 50k$ worth of grin and wanting to sell it - it’s a pain and they would be losing money because of low liquidity

Perhaps the idea is not a bad one, there really should be a Grin bank to invest and support promotion. If anyone has not read my post “Business wants Grin” please read it. After reading your post, I got the idea to form a support fund using mining machines. I will soon write an article on this topic, lay out the idea. And yet, in Ukraine, electricity is $ 0.07

it is a cool idea just wanted to let you know G1 is going to be out of stock and Nhash will not resupply grin miners they want to focus on ETH shitminers


Dear, all I have some unfortunate news. We were informed the G1 miners have sold out and that only 200 G1 mini miners remain.
The reason why we have not yet proceeded with the order is that we could not receive funding yet from the OC since we lacked security proofs. Security proofs are a proof of access to the keys used in a MultiSig wallet to sign bitcoin transactions.

We developed a security proof protocol and script that allows anyone to see the Community Council has access to all 6 keys, hence the OC will continue with transferring the funding to the Community Council. Find a link below to the security page of the Grin Community Council that includes this script:

What now?

Since the G1 miner has sold out, the original plan voted for by the community cannot proceed. Find below some alternative plans and let us know which you think is best. To me option A is the most logical, we simply order the equivalent amount of mining power as G1 Mini’s. In which case we also would like to ask if people from the community would be willing to host some of these G1 Mini’s

Original plan: 12 G1 Mini, 1 G1 miner, total of 66 chips = approximately 80 Graphs/s

Alternative plan A: 12 G1 Mini’s, + 44? G1 mini, total of 66 chips = approximately 80 Graphs/s

Alternative plan B: Scale down on hash power, buy 12 G1 Mini’s, + ??? G1 mini’s


Plan A is what I would prefer simply for the higher hashrate and quicker decentralization. However, I also see the upsides to Plan B. We’ve had some new members to the Grin team recently and the extra funding not spent on additional mini’s could be used for funding other projects.

P.S. there is a used G1 on Akminers for sale if the community can accept that and we could go back to the OG plan.

That being said, I would be willing to host one G1 mini unit. I already have a G1 mini at home for myself.

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I support Plan A.
I can host 2 G1 mini in my home.


Proceed with caution re:G1 mini power supply. The first batch(ipollo.release) shipped ps were,imo, underequipped to handle the large power pulll on the intital startup. The recent batch release from NHASH was reported to have been shipped with an upgraded power supply, that is an unverified claim by NHASH(perhaps recent batch pwner will confirm) so this may no longer be a factor. However, my understanding is the second batch release was both NHASH and ipollo, so I don’t know if 2nd batch ipollo units are shipped with an upgraded ps.

My recommendation for those who volunteer to house multiple units is to be to confident in hardware modification regarding the ps unit. From what I have seen frome xisting miners a proven reliable ps solution is to rewire and split multi units connected to ‘server-style’ ps.

Something to consider when dealing with x multiple units.

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I bought my mini directly from iPollo, I believe I was the second batch since I missed the community sale last year. They shipped the mini with a black power adapter. The only thing I needed to change on my part was the wire end that connected to the electrical plug outlet.

The point about hardware modification is important though. Someone on Telegram posted having some issues with their mini’s so this skillset would be quite useful were something to happened.

I dont really mind either way, but would just like to point out that 30 mini’s might have the same number of chips as a G1, but it is ~23% less efficient because it also has ~30x more power requirements (from having all the non-ASIC related power needs duplicated 30x times).

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Grinners, hot discussion now on keybase in case you are not checking.
Should we buy 1 G1+ 12 G1 mini (all will be managed by council members)


We buy 1 G1 +42 G1 mini, of which we will distribute 30 in the community at the discounted price we get them, so also for sale at discounted price for community members.

What do you think, get on KeyBase, or post here your opinion.

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Let us know if you are being part of our bulk order together with the community council at discounted price.
The base cost for a G1 mini is 799$, additional fees might apply such import taxes and shipping costs, so keep that in mind. Note you are not buying from the council, we are just being an intermediate in the order to help you order at bulk discount :slightly_smiling_face:.

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It is a topic with a very broad answer, but I would like to share my experience and my current ideas.
If ipollo’s competitor does not come out, I think that Ipollo will not produce high-hash devices for the same price. If this happens, the risk will be less for Grin mining. If an opponent comes out, all ROI times will change and things could turn upside down.

I support plan 2.
Let’s calculate with worst probabilities
Grin network power will increase by 2 times and the price will stay the same. In this case, the average ROI period will be 3 years. This is an ideal ratio. Also, according to my experience so far, the lifetime of mining graphics cards which work 7/24 is more than 7 years.
I don’t know how durable Ipollo’s device is but even if it breaks down, it can be repaired. Because generally nothing happens to the device chip. Just cheap parts such as capacitors and diodes die with time. If quality materials are used and the power calculation in the circuits is done well, nothing will happen for a minimum of 7 years.
In these conditions, it would be good for the community to benefit from 30 cheap devices.


So far we have added 3 G1 mini’s to our order by requests of community members, please let us know ASAP (in the coming 1-2 days) if you also want to order one or more G1 mini’s, e.g. by posting here, or direct message to me on KeyBase or on the Forum.

hello, I am interested to buy two G1 mini

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I will add the two to the order. If you do not live in the EU, can you contact me with your address information in a private message via the forum or via KeyBase, in that case we will ask NHash to ship directly to you. Note, the price will be 799$ but additional shipping and import taxes might apply.