Communication & Relationship Manager


Sorry if my English is not perfect :pray:

This is just an idea proposal, open to other solutions or improvements.

GRIN seems to be in need of a communication and relationship manager.
Today only one exchange supports slatepack, exchanges are not aware that HTTP withdraw is no longer supported by GRIN. Maybe we wouldn’t have had this problem if we had a manager in charge of being in direct contact with the exchanges.

Even if efforts were made on social networks (Twitter, Telegram).
People who don’t know GRIN may need to identify themselves to a legal entity (even if this one only represents GRIN temporarily and only transcribes). GRIN is obviously representative of its community and does not belong to anyone. The only person associated is Igno.

Here are the missions that may arise :

  • Direct communication with the exchanges
  • Twitter communication
  • Communication on blogs and crypto newsletters
  • Participation in meetings
  • Meeting Organizer (Real and Online)

What do you think about it?

PS: Careful, I’m not talking about marketing manager, marketing implies returns and financial results. This is not in line with GRIN ideology.

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i think you are already naming Lehnberg.

You mean Lehnberg should take the job? I do think he is the most suitable person. The best exchange to contact first I think is


i think he does better than anyone else. Maybe he should be fulltime.

Yearnfinance trying to steal him from Grin.Defi guys are like wallstreeters,they hook up every talent guy.

And David Burkett also…He must be full time too.

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This doesn’t belong in Rants & Flames, moving it. :slight_smile:

The only overlap I see with this role and what I have in my funding request, might be this:

  • Media relations
    • Focal point for media enquiries

I included that mainly because someone should do this when the need arises for it, and we have had no-one else willing to be this person. Happy for someone else to take the lead on it. :v: