Call for Grin Community Candidates: Michael aka MCM-Mike from

Based on the request from @tromp [1] I am going to present myself for the challenge of becoming a possible candidate.

My name is Michael aka MCM-Mike [3].

I am the creator and founder of . Since now over 12 month, we are providing free and easy to use GRIN-Archive nodes, GRIN-API access and GRIN-Node-Sync-Services with our high-available infrastructure for the GRIN community.

From time to time we start a GRIN-Challenges to get new users and current users involved in GRIN and the possibilities of GRIN. Also we are provide core DNS-seeding infrastructure for GRIN since now a long time.

Open-Source projects and communities live from ideas that we give knowledge and take something back in return.This is something fundamentally anchored in myself, since I am involved in open-source communities. (MCM-Mike)

Before I did start with, I was a community member, like we all still are.
Surfing the GRIN-Forum and chatting on discord and other GRIN communications channels.

Right now I am working with different community members on different GRIN projects to make GRIN safer.
Also I did build some friendship like relationships over the time and also found some new friends within the GRIN community.

Big question now is which approach do I support ?

(in this order)

  1. Fund Alternative: A Grants Model Proposal
  2. Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal
  3. Fund Alternative: Another Split Fund Proposal

My personal approval procedure, if I get selected

  • Based on spending rules (tbd) which we still need to agree on upon creating the team tbd

    • We still need to create a specific set of spending rules
    • publicly accessible
    • easy to understand and comply with
  • Projects has to be related to the future of GRIN and/or GRINs improvement

    • Which means, if I don’t see a clear path towards improving GRIN or the future of GRIN I might likely decline the request.
  • Work ethics and public documentation is important to me

    • Within the timeline of a funded projects its important to agree on certain public documentation standards and timelines. At the same time, by giving a team an independent task to work on without supervision, it is important to follow some work-ethics which should be agreed upon starting a project.
  • Clear and open communication

    • In all projects I am and where involved, a clear and open communication is needed to archive public conses in open-source projects. I do know from reality this is not always possible, but I have to try make it possible and a de facto standard.

In general, I do judge fair and unbiased based on my experiences and I am capable of learning from an argument with anyone.

Explanation of my order choosing

  1. I prefer (1) because this would rather bring strength and structure to the whole process of structuring the future of GRIN. As I did mention earlier I do want to focus on GRINs future and I am personally investing a lot of private time and effort into this. Taking my professional experience in account it would be possible to build a non-profit GRIN foundation which would bring a lot of benefits to GRIN as a whole.
    On a practical side, giving out freelance contracts would be easier this way and funding projects in a structured manner. Also making sure that the money reaches the user/developer and can be used 100% without getting problems with where did the money come from?
    Additionally it does not mean all the X-BTC amount has to go into the GRIN-foundation, this can also be only a part and we keep the difference in a multi-sig wallet like in approaches (2 + 3 )
    I personally do know, this is not a GRIN cyberpunk approach, but also at the same time I can vision a lot of positive outcomes from this approach.

  2. I also fully support this request as this would create an independent group. To quote @antioch “It wins with simplicity and minimal additional structure.” [2]
    All the above in (1) mentioned possibilities would be also be true, just without the legal structure.

  3. I personally belief, based on the hours on Keybase / Telegram and Discord discussing and reading backlogs from GRIN-Dev and GRIN-Gov meetings that the council would approve on this approach.
    Please don’t judge me for not fighting for this more, but you have to remember I am doing this all on my own private time and sometimes I feel its a lost cause here.
    But if you proof me wrong, I will be available for being a multi-sig holder and apply all my privisouly mentioned approaches towards the future of GRIN.

I will add quotes from users who are currently working on where I did ask them one question:

  • “how is your experience in working with me?”

Quote from @stakervali on Discord from 04/03/2021

“I have been working in project for 3 months. From the beginning, MCMMike explained every task in detail and priorities of the project so I had no difficulty in adaption. He has always been motivating and contructive with his feedback. He monitored my work closely and guided me when I was in doubt. Although my main task was to improve frontend of, his passion for grin project inspired me to give my most to project. I have learned many things in this project such as github collaboration, grin and crypto, so I am grateful that I have been working with MCMMike. As a Community council member, I am sure he will help grin-project to move forward and spread.”

(other will follow below, they where not ready when I was writing this)

[1] - Call for Grin Community Candidates for additional fund granting control
[2] - Fund Alternative: A Split Fund Proposal - #9 by antioch
[3] - signed message

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I can say that, from my experience with Mike, he’s a very interesting person. He’s always willing to help, if you ask something and he doesn’t know at the moment, he will find the answer for you. He’s the type of person who get things done.


I support, Mike always seems to want to promote GRIN in the best possible way!

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I do not support you based on this comment alone.