Block Header Not Found?

Built a new node from scratch on Google Cloud. Downloaded everything successfully, then entered grin and the app started up and started syncing. Left to make some tea while the node was syncing, but when I came back it wasn’t working, so I entered grin again and got this error message:

Thread 'main' panicked with message: "calledResult::unwrap()on anErrvalue: Chain(Error { inner: NotFoundErr("BLOCK HEADER: 02c918ff") Store Error: NotFoundErr("BLOCK HEADER: 02c918ff") })"

Anyone know why this might happen? Thanks

It’s a bug, if the initial sync is not finished some data is corrupted. while it exists a workaround is to remove the chain data (rm -rf ~/.grin/chain_data ) and start ovet.

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That fixed it. Thanks!