Anouncement: Grin Community Council election - ENDED

Hello all. I am honored to be thought of as a candidate and I will accept the informal nomination.

I know that I am new-ish to the community, and not the most technical person on this forum, but I find the ideas of the project compelling nonetheless. Grin is so much more than a “privacy coin”. The ideas are much bigger, and what I love is that I think everyone here knows that.

I got into tech through self-learning and an implementation role. I built a feature request program, managed documentation websites, and worked as a product manager. So maybe I could bring a different kind of perspective to the council.

UX - What would it take for Grin to become a “daily driver”? What are we missing and how do we get there step by step? I have proposed thinking of this in terms of products rather than individual features, which can help us have something more concrete to aim for.

DX - I love connecting talented people and projects with similar values/goals. Nostr+Grin, Reticulum+Grin, etc. Getting external feedback and first impressions from developers is a big interest for me.

Thanks again!