ANN|Kepler Network|POW|First Mimble Wimble Anonymous Asset Platform|Cuckatoo 31 LAUNCHED

Announcing Kepler Network!
Kepler is the world’s first anonymous asset platform Based on Mimble Wimble

This means there will only ever be 2.1 Billion total coins, reducing block reward every 2 years.
Kepler will produce a maximum of 2.1 Billion KMW, inflation will stop right there.
2% project fees for supporting long term development

Kepler is live !!! start mining now !!


  • Block time 60sec
  • Reward 1000 Kepler, halving every two years
  • PoW consensus with Cuckoo Cycle (C31 only.) We selected C31 exclusive mining as it is more fair to the miners.
  • Coin symbol: KMW ( Kepler Mimble Wimble)

Kepler uses a very lightweight implementation of MimbleWimble, allowing every user to have complete privacy and anonymity.
Kepler is also very scalable thanks to our implementation of MimbleWimble we can achieve 60sec blocks while maintaining a
lightweight blockchain.

We added a premine of 2% of the total supply for supporting the project’s development fund.
Kepler blockchain code, mining software code etc. Is completely open. This is an Open Source project, we encourage everyone
to contribute and improve the code base, we also encourage every 3rd party in our ecosystem to do the same. Sharing is caring.

Confidential Assets

Kepler will enable the issuance of crypto assets on the base protocol. Anyone can create their own fungible tokens on the chain,
secured by the network’s miners. These custom assets enjoy the same privacy advantages as the native coin.

By opening up confidential assets to the public, Kepler will bring the privacy potentials of the mimblewimble protocol to a broader
community, and enabling new use cases and applications.

Kepler’s Features

Anonymous transactions
Confidential Assets
Healthy economics
Open Source for All
PoW with Cuckoo Cycle consensus system
Highly Scalable



what’s the difference with Grin ? Cuckatoo31 only? and confidential asset ?

It is also finite supply.

Founders’ reward and another deflationary “currency”, sold as “healthy economics”. The days of shitcoin ICOs are over. Go back where you came from.


I like the idea of another MW implementation trying a different emission rate. I do NOT like the idea of a founders reward. Not even a little.

I wouldn’t mind founders reward if it was justified. I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t mind it either.

But fork a project and change three constants without any development team and nothing else whatsoever is not reward-worthy.

It’s the second confidential asset platform, has you beat from last year.

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It’s not justified if it’s supposed to be the globally adopted currency, which is the premise of these projects (why do they otherwise exist?)

There’s no founders reward on Kepler. There’s a 2% premine and no dev fees.

New tech coming up with Kepler. Confidential assets.

There’s no founders reward. 2% premine to support development, no one works for free.

Ah, I see! It’s not a founders’ reward but a premine. Then it’s all good.

Kepler Network ,what should i say, the different things

I think we should stop wasting power and destroying the earth…

Kepler Community Bounties!

We’re happy to announce our first-ever community bounties for Kepler!

Below are the first items that will take part in the event:

Block Explorers

Amount: 2

0.2 BTC Reward to each winner!


- Open source
- Focus on Quality and ease of use
- Should work well on Desktop and Mobile browsers
- Can be based on existing open source explorers
- Provide proper documentation to setup and deploy

Community Forum

0.2 BTC Reward to the winner!


  • Open source
  • Focus on Quality and ease of use
  • Provide proper documentation to setup and deploy
  • Must focus on Kepler and MimbleWimble

New Logo

0.05 BTC Reward to the winner!


  • Create a professional quality logo for Kepler
  • Must be royalty-free after bounty is received
  • Color selection and style are free to be chosen by the artist

All bounty contestants will need to submit their work on the Kepler Bitcointalk Forum thread

whatever happened to the Kepler Network anyways? all the devs just jumped ship?

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