Simple tool to compare MimbleWimble coins + some others

A simple tool to help you accurately compare MimbleWimble coins and some other privacy coins. For now, there is Monero (Cryptonote), as well as a hybrid coin SWAP (Cryptonote / Cuckaroo).

We tried to make a precise calculation of C29 vs C31 + for Grin :slight_smile:

We’ve created a hardware wizard that allows you to create a “virtual” mining rig, and make comparisons.

Please note that the calculator is still beta, so some errors are possible.

We want to hear your suggestions, but also to ask for help, first of all by writing a review for the GPUs. Share your graphrate / hashrate and config in a review section so that we can get the most accurate average for each GPU for each Algo.

PS Monero Fork will happen in about 6h, so it will be very interesting to follow that moment.

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Thanks! Very useful.
(May propose ryo?)

Well it is good info site especially for miners, but for investors/users would like to know how much $ (USD) cost to produce 1 Grin?

Is there any method to know that?


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Do you know if you can mine on C31 with the NVIDIA 1060 6G or is that $0.32/Grin for C29?