[ANN] Head GPU Miner новая версия 2.0.2

[hr][center][size=20pt]NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, including older versions.[/size][/center]

Best hashrate on grin algorithms



- New version, new design! Retro and tube TV lovers will appreciate it

                                                                                  - Improved performance of user interface and error correction.

                                                                                  - Fixed and resolved problem with displaying shares in the pool.

                                                                                 - Fixed a bug that didn’t load graphics cards after the start of mining

                                                                                  -Our program interface is supported only in Windows.

                                                                                  -The simplest GUI interface that doesn’t require any settings in the *.bat file

                                                                                 - Low power consumption is an important factor for our team. With an achieved decrease in consumption, our team can                
                                                                                   safely say that it is advantageous![/size]


                                                                                 [size=16pt][color=green][i][b]In this version![/b][/i][/color][/size]

                                                                                                                      [size=14pt]1.Superior hashrate, almost all algo.
                                                                                 2.More stable version.
                                                                                 3.A development fee has been entered. The fee will go the first 2 minutes to the developer’s wallet.[/size]


                                              [size=16pt][b][i]►This is a very powerful way to ensure the best performance.[/i][/b][/size]

-List of available GPUs for mining

                                                                               -This miner supports up to 8 GPUs and is ready for operation regardless of their version. Automatic detection of their model.

                                                                               - A simplified interface reports the number of hashes, taken and cancelled shares.

                                                                               -GPU Manager allows users to easily change device settings in total or a set of GPUs. Users can save these settings to disk as     
                                                                                 templates for later use, or copy them to other devices.

                                                                               -GPU is monitoring the temperature, fan speed and power consumption.

                                                                               -Automatic restart of broken and frozen miners. Detection of pool layer server communication errors and temporarily                                                              
                                                                                 suspends  pools if too many communication errors occur.       

                                                                               -Miners job is compatible with all versions of Cuda

                                                                               -Dual Mining is in development phase.



                                                    [size=16pt][b][i]►Support , with the new update of 13! algorithms'.[/i][/b][/size]  


At the moment this are: [/center]
[size=13pt] ●Ethash

[center][size=13pt](New algorithms will be added, after user request analyze.)[color=green]It will be your choice[/color] :)[/size]

                                                   [size=16pt] [b][i]►The user graphic interface[/i][/b][/size]

                                                                                             [size=13pt]                         1) Select GPUs from the list of available devices
                                                                                                 2) Enter your [u][b]wallet address[/b][/u] in the address field
                                                                                                    3) Specify the[b] [u]Pool[/u][/b], [u][b]Port[/b][/u], [u][b]Worker[/b][/u], and [u][b]Password[/b][/u] in the text boxes
                                                                                                       4) Click "[color=green]Start[/color]" and start mining.[/size]


                                                   [size=16pt][i][b]►Head_GPU is available as a free tool.[/b][/i][/size]

                                                 [size=13pt][u]A screenshot of the interface is shown below:[/u][/size]


[center][size=14pt][color=green]Download this[/color]: https://github.com/HeadMiner/GPU-HeadMiner_v2.0.0.2[/size][/center]



[quote][center]MD5 9acaa02df3892d06f6d8ee2c77af5706

SHA-1 0e66e76de51667c6952a09cdc8d18027c0eaafc1

SHA-256 92fd8181d9924482961efe00b28b79bbfbc6de87057dbaeba4b6fad1b5fd4b31

SSDEEP 393216:6Z6lkeYGadVECYminEpCpo4qZSLNfCl335RotTeba7:6ZfeYjlYm6EpQoJUfClH5Rooba7[/center][/quote]


[center][size=16pt][color=green]Last version:[/color] https://github.com/HeadMiner

[right]The source code is not published, in order to avoid illegal use or disposal of my personal work. Ie Source code of this miner. These actions may be accompanied by disclosing to other persons and companies false information about themselves as a valid author. Thanks for attention. [/right]

Please make your OP look more reader-friendly.
Here is a virus my Dr.WEB found when I was trying to start this miner:

It’s useful to learn how Github works (you created 3 different repositories instead of 3 releases for the same repo: https://i.gyazo.com/b9136a8db83f10f0d1a8f2ff43d34855.png)

Windows only so I’ll pass. I also don’t understand why cap it to 8 GPUs.

Good luck though

This does not apply to me in any way.