AMD Miners - are they being built?

I have a system with 5 AMD Vega 64’s, Can I help test out in any way?

Build from the source, uncomment ocl_cuckaroo29 in grin-miner.toml, replicate 4 times more specifying device (from 0 to 4)


for me the easiest way to compile the miner for AMD on linux was:

curl -sSf | sh
source $HOME/.cargo/env
git clone
cd grin-miner
git submodule update --init
cargo build --release --features opencl
sed -i “s|target/debug/plugins|target/release/plugins|” grin-miner.toml

install the binary and plugins to a specific dir

mkdir -p /opt/grin-miner/plugins
cp grin-miner.toml /opt/grin-miner
cp target/release/grin-miner /opt/grin-miner
cp target/release/plugins/*.cuckooplugin /opt/grin-miner/plugins

for configuration, you have to specify the plugin for each gpu in grin-miner.toml, example for 4 gpu

plugin_name = “ocl_cuckaroo”
device = 0

plugin_name = “ocl_cuckaroo”
device = 1

plugin_name = “ocl_cuckaroo”
device = 2

plugin_name = “ocl_cuckaroo”
device = 3

Thanks for the info, can you let us know what gps you are getting per Vega 64 please? I was getting 2.02-2.2gps using the Windows GGM.

around 2gps on vega56
Jan 10 22:50:20.002 INFO Mining: Cuck(at)oo at 2.0219515229479397 gps (graphs per second)
Jan 10 22:50:23.004 INFO Mining: Cuck(at)oo at 2.0682815265557397 gps (graphs per second)
Jan 10 22:50:26.005 INFO Mining: Cuck(at)oo at 2.0228777398445272 gps (graphs per second)
Jan 10 22:50:29.007 INFO Mining: Cuck(at)oo at 2.028967195376359 gps (graphs per second)

@dewminer76 great manual, thanks! how do you install opencl libs and driver? I use amdgpu-pro but perhaps there is a more user friendly way.

do you run 4 gpus rig? what is cpu load and ram? I’ve never testes it on multiple gpus.

i was running just a short test on 1 vega only, so can’t comment the cpu/mem usage if more gpus are used. also, the amdgpu-pro was used. i can do more tests only on 4gb polaris gpus if the memory reduction commit from allows to use the 4gb gpus. i’m not sure

No 4gb support yet.

Latest update from @photon:

I was given some info about AMD inner workings and was able to optimize the OpenCL code (polaris 1 gps -> 1.5 gps, Vega 2.2 gps -> 3.3 gps) this puts AMD at (polaris) or ahead (Vega) of nvidia when it comes to power efficiency. Need to verify I’m not losing edges/cycles, code will of course be open source so that Grin can have healthy mining from day 1.

I’ll add this change to grin-miner ASAP


Any chance of incorporating this into GGM for Windows as well? Going from 2.2gps to 3.3gps for Vega is a serious improvement!

I’ve uploaded a Grin mining guide for AMD & Nvidia GPUs on Windows.

How To Mine GRIN - GrinGoldMiner AMD & Nvidia GPU Mining Guide For WINDOWS

GGM is the miner where it is being currently tested, so yes.

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Awesome, thanks @photon

Can you complete it early 1 day before the mainnet launch?
I’m having 600 amd cards waiting to be declared otherwise by Gin

98% it will be done by the end of Sunday, I got new code running, need to test proprly


@hashmap is that for Linux or Windows or Both?! Thank You btw, your collaboration w/ @photon is immensely helpful.

did you boost the fans?

Grin-miner suppots Linux and OSX. GGM - Windows and Linux afaik.

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Got boost on RX580, old version 0.8 gps, new - 1.53.
Will test for 12 hours and publish if it’s good enough

Will I wait for something good from you?

Vào Th 7, 12 thg 1, 2019 vào lúc 08:04 hashmap via Grin đã viết:

Yes Grin Gold Miner is running smooth on AMD and Windows 10