A1 Exchange Grin Analysis

Hi grinners!

We have published a detailed analysis of Grin: https://a1.exchange/analyses/grin

We have put a lot effort into creating the paper. I’m sure most of us would enjoy giving it a look.

On the other hand, we would be glad to fix or improve it with your feedback.

About A1 Exchange:

We are an exchange started off as amoveo.exchange in May 2018 for Amoveo cryptocurrency. We have been rebranded to A1 Exchange a month ago: https://medium.com/@a1exchange/moving-forward-2a6eebebda06

Grin is the second altcoin we are listing after Amoveo, and we are glad that our portfolio keeps a high bar.

This is the first analysis we are publishing of this kind. However, we’re going to continue publish such papers and list projects scoring BBB or above.

Your feedback on the paper and its methodology are really appreciated.