A Message from Nervos

Hi everyone, my name is Jordan, and I’m from the Developer Relations team at Nervos. I’m here today to represent the Nervos Foundation and deliver a message.

Grin has made profound technical contributions to the industry and remains one of the most successful efforts to build a community around privacy technology. Nervos believes strongly in the importance of community surrounding decentralized technology and has a deep respect for the principles and accomplishments that Grin has achieved.

The Nervos Foundation would like to announce a donation of 10 BTC to the Grin General Fund. This donation is being made to help continue the advancement of the Grin platform and Mimblewimble protocol.

Nervos would also like to make it known of our intent to incorporate support for the Mimblewimble protocol into our platform in the form of a privacy layer. Nervos is a UTXO based proof-of-work blockchain with Turing complete smart contracts, and this similarity with Grin’s technical architecture will simplify the process of integrating Mimblewimble protocol.

Over the next few months Nervos will begin a three-phase effort:

  • Phase 1: Schema Design (~2 months) - A general schema will be prepared for the operation model.
  • Phase 2: Technical Specification (~2 months) - A detailed technical specification will be produced.
  • Phase 3: Implementation (3+ months) - Construction of the codebase.

Nervos recognizes Grin as the authority on the Mimblewimble protocol and welcomes any contributions by the Grin community during any of the three phases.

We believe that pursuing this additional Mimblewimble implementation will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of Mimblewimble as a flexible and extensible privacy protocol.
  • Increase brand awareness of Grin and Mimblewimble in China and other Asian markets.
  • Pave the way for new offerings based on Mimblewimble, such as privacy-based cross-chain swaps and asset exchange between Grin and Nervos.

The Nervos Foundation is also setting aside a grant fund specifically for infrastructure and interoperability solutions between Grin and Nervos. Any Grin community members with interest are encouraged to apply!

We, the members of the Nervos Foundation and community, are excited about the advancement of Mimblewimble technology. We invite everyone to take in voicing their opinions and ideas for what can be achieved in the future!

We look forward to your comments and I’d be happy to answer any questions or help to connect you with the team at Nervos.


you are welcome Nervos.


Looks like Grin funding is going well. If I read it correctly these 10 BTC come with no strings attached @jm9k?

Time to read up on Nervos, it is new to me .


It looks like Nervos and Grin communities/teams can work together to find ways to collaborate


Thank you for the support
we will need to update : https://grin.mw/fund & https://grin.mw/friends


Thank you for supporting GRIN!


Nice! That’s a very generous donation :). Many thanks to the Nervos Foundation for supporting Grin.


This is great, Nervos reached out a few weeks ago asking for help using MW in an implementation for their network and we suggested a donation and description of their plans would be a good approach to get feedback and raise awareness. It is nice to see them follow through.


Yes, that’s right. This donation was made with no strings attached to help with the continued advancement of technology that we believe is a strong benefit to the world.

However, I should reiterate that any form of contribution is very much appreciated. The efforts of the community are the heartbeat of a decentralized project, and that importance cannot be understated.

This includes non-technical contributions! Showing support, voicing your opinions, and helping to share that enthusiasm with others is greatly important to the long-term vision.


My brother Igno says thanks


It’s great to see an increased interest in Mimblewimble, thank you for the generous donation and good will gesture! We’ll try to put it to good use. Looking forward to knowledge sharing between the communities. :raised_hands:


Good things collect good things around. Welcome!


Thank you Profile - jm9k - Grin for the contribution. :smiley:

From what I did read you entering different phases, we (Grinnode.live) are providing a lot of free & open GRIN API and GRIN infrastructure you could use for testing purposes for your pre-live / testing and implementation phases.

We are happy to help if we can. :+1: