10 Years Old Painting with Grin: Amir

Hello. I m Amir. I m 10 and from Ukraine. My teacher discovered my talented about painting. My parents and relatives interested with Grin and when i see Grin i want to paint it. It’s looking so friendly and beautiful. To improve myself, i will keep painting Grin. As the smallest member of the community, I will be pleased with it.
My family will manage my account awhile till i learn all.
You are free to motivate me by painting Grin. It’s just for me Tradeogre exchange adresses and my parents will convert all to Grin and then send to my Grin wallet adress for my future. I promised to just don’t hodl it, i will spend and use it when i come 18.

I will try to make a new painting every week.
Grin: grin1dlcr23ugjyvg3u8qpe67z9avxquay6k9tc6f23tfd6s5x8jqr70qaja4hv
(Please send me DM before send Grin. I will make online my wallet.)
Bitcoin: bc1q3t406wlpwsksu8wewen3uw5552ynm9qs44lalz
Ethereum: 0xaa7b96f64c1b799ea7fcff0be32b0244314a9fd1
Monero: 84VXQNdUnXETLSfKdTBrhy8DqBEPUXG1fX6m42bv1KwahDH3axdo8bF3YvJX7dnjRxUEbquP7M1uQGXaBGhfRkWA5EAZqkz


If I were you would start with you or your parents making a grin donation address, by installing one of the Grin wallets. I think it easier to receive funds in Grin from this community then asking for BTC, Ethereum or Monero.


My first art. Happy Grin kid playing game.

You are free to motivate me.
Grin : grin1dlcr23ugjyvg3u8qpe67z9avxquay6k9tc6f23tfd6s5x8jqr70qaja4hv


2nd art. New Year’s Snowman, Grin.


3.Grin boy in the new year.

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