Where can I short GRIN?

I’ve been an grin enthusiast since it’s inception, and I would love for it’s price to perform better. In the meantime, is there a place where I can borrow grin so I can short the market?

I don’t know any place like this. The main problem would be to make an enforceable well-defined contract. Maybe it is technically possible to make some kind of swaps with BTC?

Gate: https://www.gate.io/cryptoloan/GRIN

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You can short Grin pretty much everywhere. :slight_smile: Just make sure you don’t short it under 2 cents :wink:

Why not short under 2 cents? Are you calling a bottom?

The bottom seems to be 1 DOGE.


Because of huge buy walls around two cents :slight_smile: We won’t let Grin price go negative :wink:
And if this doesn’t work I call the bottom at minus one cent :smiley:

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