We plan to add the transaction status tracking function on the next version of GRIN Mobile Wallet!

Hi Grinners,

I am so glad when I received these drafts from our product managers.
Finally you will be able to follow the status of your transactions by using VITE wallet (the download link of that is : https://app.vite.net/?utm_source=grin_gateway_qq or you can just search VITE wallet in App Store)

  1. By using Https

    It is so hard for us to trace the transaction status when you are completing a GRIN transaction. But you don’t need to worry anymore. From the next version of GRIN Mobile Wallet, you can trace the transaction status as easy as by using crypto explorer.
    Our designer has used different colors and icons to help identify the different status of GRIN transaction. For example, Confirmed is with a tick, the status of Signed with a marking pen and the status of To be received with an hourglass. Currently, this version is still under developing. But I believe it will come out very soon.

  2. By using transaction file

    You could see from the above pic, Broadcast is with a speaker for using transaction files.

  3. Using VITE address
    Because when you are using the third way, using VITE address, which is our creative method to send GRIN, you can receive GRIN as easy as receiving an ETH, what you need is just 10 confirmations.
    So you do not need to check its status. No pic for that. :grin:

How to operate on GRIN mobile wallet: the tutorial
Thanks for your reading.
I really want to hear your advice and opinions about these designs!


GRIN to the moon!

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