GRIN Transaction Status Update on Vite GRIN Mobile Wallet

Dear Grinners,

As introduced one month ago, I received some drafts from our designer about the GRIN transaction status on the Vite GRIN mobile wallet. And now the function has been updated on the latest version already! You can use the Vite mobile wallet to trace the GRIN transaction status. (How to download:


The first circle represents how many spendable GRIN you have and the second circle represents the way how you processed this transaction: via HTTP address, transaction file or VITE address.

Let’s click the first piece of transaction history on the very top. And you will see the transaction status.

The first circle on this pic means that it is via HTTP address to complete this GRIN transaction.
The second circle means that it is VITE gateway to help collect the GRIN and it is free. The fees happened are for miners. Vite mobile wallet does not require the online status of users because of this VITE gateway.
The third circle means VITE gateway will use VITE address to send GRIN to you, which also does not require an online status.

We really appreciate your advice and feedback. So please let us know if you have any.

GRIN to the MOON