Wallet UX of possible interest

anyone tried https://getumbrel.com/ ?

said to have some cool UX…

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I’ve not tried it, but I’ve seen this video now https://twitter.com/matt_odell/status/1298365296064057350
I like it because it seems to build on top of existing software. I wanted to have something similar with Nimble Grin stack where you’d have an explorer and a wallet that connect to your node in the background. I’d support funding something similar when we thought the time was right. It could even start off as a single service e.g. wallet, and then expand this to explorer/dashboards and lightning in the future. Perhaps even DEX if it made sense.

Interesting project, I was waiting for others to share their experiences before trying it out. I might use it to setup my own lightning node plus block explorer.
The blockchain explorer APP from Umbrella fits with my project of converting the blockchain to a graph database but unfortunately will not work since the Bitcoin core API it uses is too slow. They should have made it possible to use a per block index to speed things up. At least that is what I expect to be the reason why the API is so slow.