Wallet 2.0 does not work: initiate_tx method not found -- Solution?

The 2.0 wallet API is documented here: https://docs.rs/grin_wallet_api/1.1.0-beta.1/grin_wallet_api/trait.OwnerRpc.html#tymethod.initiate_tx

You can see according to the documetnation there is an “initiate_tx” method. However, when actually trying to utilize said method the RPC call returns an error: “Method not found”.

Does anyone know what the solution is?

EDIT: created issue for it here: https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin-wallet/issues/170

Issue discovered. In wallet 2.0 the v2.0 RPC API changed again. The method renamed to “init_send_tx”. However, there is another issue. The “send_args” does not work. Any ideas?

“args”: {
“src_acct_name”: null,
“amount”: “1000000000”,
“max_outputs”: 500,
“minimum_confirmations”: 10,
“num_change_outputs”: 1,
“selection_strategy_is_use_all”: true,
“message”: “my message”,
“target_slate_version”: null,
“send_args”: {
“method”: “http”,
“dest”: “”,
“finalize”: true,
“post”: true,
“fluff”: true

“error”: {
“code”: -32602,
“message”: “InvalidArgStructure “args” at position 0.”
“id”: 6,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”

You’re looking at the 1.1.0 documentation in the linked issue. “post”: true above should be ‘post_tx’

Apologies for changes, the API should remain relatively stable from 2.0.0 onwards

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Grinmint, F2Pool and others all have a statement saying “We do not support the 2.0 Grin at this time, please use the old one.” Are pools just refusing to adopt. What’s the problem?

Grinmint showing v2 slate support now. https://grinmint.com/