Got error when calling the issue_send_tx API

Hi, I am trying to send some grins by using the wallet API. Just following this instruction:

When I reach step 2, and executed the command

data=cat issue_send_tx-1.json; curl -0 -XPOST -u grin:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d “$data” 2>/dev/null

I got this error

Client Callback Error: Posting transaction slate (is recipient listening?): Request error: Wrong response code: 400 Bad Request with data Body

I am sure the ‘recipient’ is listening, I was trying to send to my grin wallet at Bitmesh.

The json file is as below:

“amount”: 210000000,
“minimum_confirmations”: 10,
“method”: “http”,
“dest”: “”,
“max_outputs”: 500,
“num_change_outputs”: 1,
“selection_strategy_is_use_all”: true

What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks

what your grin wallet version?
if you are using grin wallet 1.1.0 beta, try add “target_slate_version”:0 in the json file.

version 1.0.1
I will try, thanks