[UNSOLVED] [7ツPRIZE] ⏰ Time Waits For No Man ~ The First GRIN ARG Puzzle with Prize [harry.potter]

The Time Waits For No Man GRIN ARG Puzzle

Free to play ARG puzzle with prize!

There is currently a prize pool in GRIN for the winner.

Accepting donations to the prize pool.

Full description here…
[FREE][OPEN][PRIZE][ARG] Time Waits For No Man - Slatepacks Market


Fun fact, if you zoom in on the clock puzzle and move your eyes around, the clocks appear to turn like gear wheels :crazy_face:.

A bit strange, when zooming in and out, some dials disappear… part of the puzzle or some graphical error @harry.potter

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Strange, when I zoom in the clocks stay the same, I tried several browsers. Not sure what you are experiencing. There are several side effects of ARG solving … dizzyness, head scratching, confusion, dehydration, no sleep. Please consult your doctor.

I have added a simpler smaller puzzle with a simpler smaller prize. again, people are welcome to donate to the prize pool if they wish.

[FREE][OPEN][PRIZE][ARG] Puzzle 2 - Slatepacks Market