Towards the next step in Grin

After years of being active in the Grin community and watching the project dying infront of me, I decided it’s time to make a change. In the spirit of minimalism and simplicity, I’m making the next step of potentially simplifying Grin by announcing my candidacy for CEO of Grin. People should know who the point of contact is for Grin and whom to offer exchange listing offers. Decentralized voting will start on 1st of June and will take place on chain by which time I should be done coding onchain governance through stake proofs which will use the design of commitment signatures from the Mimblewimble CoinSwap implementation.

Feel free to ask questions about me to get to know me better or regarding the candidacy and why I believe this may be a good way forward.

Grin is too hard to use, let’s make it simpler where we can.

Love, CEO



Is mainly the reason that this project has died. Now he wants to be the savior, oh no sorry the CEO and make this easier…

Hail to the CEO. Hail! Hail! Hail!

Oh wait. Everyone has already left.

Doesn’t seem like you’re joking or that you understood the joke (check the date he posted it). It’s actually because of people like you that the project is where it is. What positive things do you think you bring to this community by continuously flaming people who invest a lot of their free time to understand and try to improve grin? I’m guessing that you bought grin, price went down and now you’re trying to find the one responsible for your bad investment and you’re looking everywhere except where you should - the mirror.


This begs the question: Why didn’t you left too? I think it is a waste of time to shitpost in communities one genuinely despises. Do yourself a favor and just move on, if you don’t know where to burn money next, here is a promising project you should look into: CumRocket (CUMMIES) Kurs, Grafiken, Marktkapitalisierung | CoinMarketCap

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Idiot 币价下跌是整个系统的大问题,市值太小grin 活不下来

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I fully support you @oryhp on your journey as Grin CEO. Someone such as yourself with a longstanding commitment to the project and a deep technical understanding of the protocol, serving as point of contact for outside teams- seems to me like a huge opportunity. Big thanks for stepping up to the task and good-luck

I’m also excited to see this voting mechanism development, first I’ve heard of it :thinking:

It was April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately it seems like most exchanges actually want to have a CEO of a decentralized system to list a coin :slight_smile:


Why not? Even for a while, just to get things going. Ignotus left too early

Maybe next years April 1, Igno will drop by on the forum to challange @oryhp for the position of Grin CEO.
Just a feeling this might happen😉

First of all, greetings to all, grin is a currency that has no CEO and is built entirely on the foundations of privacy. My words may be arrogant but I don’t accept the word “ceo” in the grin community. I can accept that as a leadership.

we should stick with ‘dear leader’

You mean ‘beloved leader’, otherwise you go the Grin punishment camp :wink:.
@GrinTurkey No worries, Grin CEO’s or supreme leaders are only allowed once a year at 1st of April :grin:.


I should have seen the bamboozle coming :rofl: … I do still think having someone with @oryhp technical knowledge available to outside teams; kind of like a spokesman role for media interviews, would be awesome. Doesn’t have to be supreme leader title level- maybe just media relations good guy who can share infos with outlets of meta level protocol changes, and details from a place of technical authority based on knowledge :point_up: