Implementing `simplify-governance`

Now that the simplify-governance RFC has been accepted, I’m putting together a check list of steps to take to implement the changes.

What are the necessary steps to:

  1. Make clear there is only the council now, no core team, and that all other teams are self-organizing;
  2. Make clear that the forum, keybase, repos, website, etc that we are not speaking on behalf of “wider Grin” and instead are centred around the MW/Grin (Rust) implementation.

Anything we need to do on keybase?

Anything on the forum we should do? Should we create a specific “Grin++” forum category perhaps?

On RFCs, I was thinking of making sure RFC0002 is deprecated and clearly marked as replaced by this new RFC.

On, what should we do? I was thinking of:

  • Mention on the front page somehow that the website specifically relates to the rust implementation.
  • Remove the core team from /governance and put a smaller text based mention of the technocratic council, without mentioning members. Maybe also link to the new RFC and some text about how everyone is supposed to self organise.
  • Update /funding to make it explicit that donations go to the benefit of the rust implementation, but that we may consider funding other projects as well as per the fund spending guidelines RFC.
  • Do we need to do anything on /download? Should we make a clearer distinction between MW/Grin and Grin++ downloads?
  • Anything else we need to do on website?

Anything else we need to do anywhere else for that matter?

Please share your thoughts. (cc: @paouky)

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I’d say we should completely remove the Governance page from (it looks cluttered anyway) and instead add a short description of the technocratic council to the Funding page, in addition to what you mentioned should be added there.

Also, how about we give Grin++ more attention on the Download page? Considering it’s an entire implementation of the protocol and wallet, and is very widely used, it certainly deserves it.

  • Add a title (between the two existing ones) named “Other Implementations”, or something along those lines, which displays Grin++ in a more focused and attention grabbing manner.

  • “Community Projects” title can then be changed to just “Wallets”, which is more fitting of the spirit that every grin related project should be equal in essence, including the rust implementations, so no need to name a project as “community” stuff. Although a note could say that these are projects outside of the rust implementation jurisdiction.

I think the current state is fine in regards to those, no need for changes.


I’ve let the download page be as is for now.