PSA: An RFC to simplify governance and remove the Core team will be merged on Oct 15 unless there are objections

In case you’ve not been keeping up in the 136 post long forum thread, there’s now an RFC proposal, simplify-governance, which is in final comment period and will be accepted on October 13 unless there are strong objections voiced before that.

Given the amount of people in the community who have been voicing opinions about the governance process in the past, there has ben little feedback on this improvement proposal so far.


This governance iteration replaces the previous process that was set out in RFC#0002 with a simplified and better-defined version. Specifically, it:

  • defines its remit to be around the repos, projects, and communities that are centered around the /mimblewimble GitHub organization;
  • reverts the core team to the original technocratic council structure, whose sole responsibility is managing the general fund; and
  • explicitly enables individual contributors and teams to self-organize for other aspects of decision making.

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This has now been accepted and merged, the correct date for the end of final comment period was October 13, not 15. :grimacing: