Thoughts on recent rustlang controversy?

Stepping Down From RustConf and Rust Project Controversy - YouTube - Primeagen

Rust is being destroyed from the inside - YouTube - Let’s Get Rusty

The RustConf Drama - YouTube - Primagen

I am a relatively skilled rust programmer but have never really followed the core development as much as I probably should. I would appreciate anyone experienced in rust to give me their perspective on the situation including whether or not they plan on using one of the “non-bureaucratic” forks being developed for rust or just using the branch from the development group at the center of the controversy.

Crablang - GitHub - crablang/crab: A community fork of a language named after a plant fungus. All of the memory-safe features you love, now with 100% less bureaucracy!

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I’m also a long time rust developer, and have several colleagues who are as well. We all are in the same boat as you: we know the language like the back of our hands, but don’t know much about the ‘Rust Foundation’ or ‘Rust Project’ and don’t keep up with all the bureaucratic nonsense… I mean, its a programming language, not a billion dollar crypto project or startup. Why is there bureaucracy at all?!

My take is this: the language is good. The organization is too big, which allowed it to get full of bureaucrats. I’ve felt that way long before the recent drama and even condemned projects for copying Rust’s leadership structure (Grin has even copied Rust foundation a bit).

As long as use of the rust toolchain remains free and open, I’ll probably just keep building and ignore the bureaucracy. If a community fork arose with equivalent tooling, I would switch over, but right now its not worth my time.