Testnet 4 - is it coming


I just started setting up my help to the Grin project by running testnet mining and collecting results. Is there a Testnet 4 planned before main net launch?

Yes, it’s being worked on right now. I believe last ETA for testnet4 was a month or so.

You can track the open issues for T4 here

Amazing work. I’ll pay attention for how I can contribute statistics for testnet 4. I noticed some mining pools running testnet 3.

would like to launch a pool, familar with general pool operation, is there a lib to verify shares and a miner already?

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Same here. I’d like to launch a testnet 4 pool but seems like I need to make a verify module.

and @Scott-at-crypto

Blade Doyle is working on a pool, ther is a chat here: https://gitter.im/grin-pool/Lobby

you guys should collaborate for a really robust open source pool framework.

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