Tari & Grin Irrelevance

Grin is becoming less and less relevant. David Burkett leaves & works on Litecoin. And then, he helps Tari with some development.

It shows that we are not relevant anymore.

You joined the forum 6 minutes ago, and then post this message 3 minutes later. Do you need some FUD to buy Grin at a discount…?:wink:.

I mean why else go through the trouble of specifically creating an account for that message :man_shrugging::joy:.

Your post reminds me of this nice meme/infographic I created recently.


I created an account so I could voice my opinion

You are welcome to share your opinion.
I just do not see why David B. helping with Tari would make Grin any less relevant.

Do you have a link to that information, I am curious to see what David is working on for Tari?
Any work on a miblewible implementation or a miblewimblisch project is a positive thing IMO.

Maybe it’s a marketing attempt of Tari (whatever that is…)

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Could be, only thing I could find is David B.making a nice suggestion to use script offsets to help with TariScripts from 2021.
That is kind of old news, so yes maybe an attempt to pull some attention to Tari as you sugested @Samurai.

David is a talented developer presumably looking for projects where he can build enriching features.

Grin being a conservative project does not offer a lot of opportunity for that right now, he came and built the most important thing he could for grin in an entirely alternate implementation of the protocol with GUI, and that already paid off for all of us immensely.

Grin just needs time now, and if the time comes that Grin is ready for expansive development I’m sure he would be happy to work on it again.


I agree with @Anynomous , I just don’t see how this follows from what you wrote. We’re short on devs, but I think that out of Litecoin, Tari and Grin, we have the most collective knowledge around MW.

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Tari is the product of Tari Labs, a company project, centralized %100. It is nowhere close to GRIN.

Tari can compete with XRP, that is its league. They better worry how to pay back money to their investors,seed rounds etc.
Screenshot 2022-06-12 at 21-43-50 Meme Generator - Imgflip
Screenshot 2022-06-12 at 21-41-30 Tari Labs - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

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I guarantee that Tari will not be 100% premined so comparisons with XRP are way off. Let’s first see if there is any premine or devtax and then perhaps we can compare it to the likes of BEAM.

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Same posts and comments. Stop spamming please.

Tari is a really cool project. I don’t know why they decided to have their own currency instead of being some kind of sidechain for monero, but a cool project nonetheless.

I think most people here are happy to see Grin-related technologies take off, to an extent. It only vindicates Grin more.


I fully agree with @trab There are a lot of cool developments in many Mimblewimble projects. Each project has their own take and their own interesting tradeoffs they make. In case of Tari I like their cool addresses and their TariScripts support although each comes with some downsides. All these ‘experiments’ in different projects grow the collective knowledge and solutions we have for Mimblewimble and all in the long term strengthen Grin’s use case as the purest and most minimal of all Mimblewimble implementations.


I built some systems with AMD’s 5950X in anticipation of mining Monero+Tari, but did so a couple years too early and now profits are laughable (losses after electric? surely, but I’m not turning off…). Still no launch date for Tari, but I’m still excited about the project. Good to hear that David is staying active. I think he chose wisely to help out Tari. This is how much XMR I get for 40 active CPUs (664 cores).


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