Taleb comments on BTC update

Now the hardest part of Grin’s revolution (the extreme idea is kind of crazy):

  1. As @mcm-mike did, studying and tinkering with ASIC Mini Miner, who knows in the future, everyone in the world can make this machine themselves, or @mcm-mike can make investors interested to mass produce and sell it to everyone in the world. (Of course something has to be changed at Algo Mining, in order to guarantee everyone can keep mining, should be set an upper limit on the hashrate on ASIC Miner).

  2. The price of goods is measured by Grin, although it must change and change every day, because it is still involved in the conversion of fiat prices.

  3. Special exchanges for Grin in each country. The goal is simple, to exchange all fiat of each country (savings balance) to Grin. Miners in each country can freely sell Grin in their own currency or stablecoins that are commonly used anywhere.

This may be my happiness if everything materializes in my future days. :grinning:

This definition of Grin’s success in my mind. When it comes to prices that have gone up many times, that’s a common practice in ICOs. Not success. If it’s just an investment like Bitcoin, many have retired and become millionaires today. If it’s just trading, quite a lot can be obtained every day with speculation.

I think this is very serious right now. :sweat_smile: