Suggestion to capped supply Grin forks

I want to spout a silly but fun idea that just came to mind. However, sometimes those are the best there are. Besides some lightness might be good for some of the Grumpy Grin bashers out there. I want to make them Grin again. Here goes:

If there would be a hard forks for Grin, why not go Full Monty with the Harry Potter lore and have some fun with it.
Call it Harry coin, Potter coin, owl coin (OWL), Hedwig, Hogwarts coin, Patronus coin, Platform 9 3/4 coin( PLT934), Hermione coin, Weasle coin, Hagrid, coin, Gringots, Dumbledore, Muggle coin… well you get the idea, anything that directly makes it associated to Harry Potter which is loved by billions of people around the world. Since one of the ‘criticisms’ by some was that there is not enough publicity for Grin, I think this might actually give a whole lot more exposure and traction to both the new coin as well as to Grin. Take Raven coin for example. The coin benefited from the association with Game of Thrones and the lore around it. Sure, Grin also has some Harry Potter lore going around, this is however not directly obvious for the uninitiated. Preferably this association should pop directly in to mind when just reading the name of the coin. Such exposure can also help Grin get more exposure in a fun way since of course people will read that it is a fork of Grin, the original ‘Voldemort’ coin :wink:.


I would not want a fork to appear, so I suggest making a slow-motion bomb. :slight_smile:

O, I do not need a Hard Fork either. But if one occurs, lets just have some fun with our ‘Muggle coin’ (or any other fun name) while promoting Grin indirectly. Especially with the change in emission suggested by @tromp, the technical change would be cosmetic (although philosophically meaningfull) while providing ample marketing opportunities.