Shout-out to MimbleWimble, but not Grin

I just finished listening to the podcast titled “Decentraliztion Philosophy” promoted by Coindesk at The podcast noted how very few cryptocurrencies are truly decentralized or at least decentralized as much as possible. The podcast stated that the decentralized ones are usually initiated by a “catalyst” who gets the ball rolling, then, when others have sufficiently taken the reins, the catalyst disappears to allow the budding community to take over. Naturally, Satoshi was mentioned as the primary example. The only other example, at least the only one that I caught, was “Mimblewimble.” However, I found it odd that neither Grin nor Igno were named. Only Mimblewimble was offered as an example of a catalyst initiating a cryptocurrency, then disappearing. Were they only referencing Tom Elvis Jedusor and his paper? Perhaps, though my gut tells me they were naming Mimblewimble and non-referencing Grin. This non-reference to Grin, or to Igno, occurred twice in the podcast. The reference/non-reference twice struck me as odd. Still, as a whole, I interpreted the podcast as respect given to Mimblewimble at large, to Igno and his work, and to the subsequent work to those building on Grin.

Grin is the De Facto Mimblewimble coin.

You lost me there.

Bottom line, Coindesk probably didn’t say grin because nobody paid Coindesk to say grin.