Request for Funding, @lehnberg: Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2020


This Wednesday, my funding from the previous campaign will expire.

This is a request for a 3 month extension (Oct - Dec 2020) in order for me to continue to be able to support Grin with the type of contributions I’ve been doing since 2019.

My rate remains the same: GBP £2,500/month.

I’ll be adding this request to the agenda for the Oct 06 Governance meeting.


The original motivation still holds true today:

Beyond work on the main grin (node/wallet/miner) repositories, work on the admin side of the project has evolved over the past year. The /grin-pm repo is now a place where we track general project management issues, meeting notes, event presentations, financial data, and more.

I think this work adds value and is important for the project’s health, for it’s good governance, and for progress to be made faster.

Grin would get reliable and consistent support for the non-development related tasks, that would help achieve its potential quicker.

Specific tasks in-scope

Funding request

  • GBP £2,500/month
  • 3 months, Q4 2020, oct-dec


  • Part-time
  • Ring-fenced around admin tasks

Weekly progress logs from previous campaigns

Evaluation of previous period

To be posted separately.

Next steps

The intention is to raise this as a discussion point in the Oct 06 Governance meeting and ask for the request to be approved.


Sep 28:
* First version

That is a lot of money for a forum-babysitter.

No serious you do a lot of good things. Would love to see you be part of this project.

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I think @lehnberg’s job is one of the most important work, besides the development.
As his work is giving the Grin project a structure and external impacts.

Thank you for your work and please go on


Important work to keep the project together as quarter master. Also being a stringent moderator (on some topics) is part of that. Keep the work going :+1:

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You should be less humble and ask for like GPB 3500. Lehnberg is doing a insanely great job for grin.

and taking all the punches and dealing with all the heat :sweat_smile: