Lehnberg - Progress update thread - Q4 2020

Progress update thread for Request For Funding, @lehnberg: Q4 Oct - Dec 2020

Covering Q4 2020: October - December.

Oct 05 - Oct 12:

Oct 12 - Oct 19:

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@johndavies24 & @bluimes – FYI both your topic were flagged and approved for “off-topic” / “inappropriate” in this thread. I’ve unflagged them and moved them to Jasper’s Funding thread (where they are on-topic and appropriate).

This thread is about the activities I’ve carried out in the past week, i.e. about the list of stuff I’ve done, not about opinions on the actual topics themselves. I’d like to try and keep it focused on that.

@johndavies24 I didn’t get a chance to react to the above fast enough in order for your censorship outburst above to be avoided. I’m not going to mod it, but if you’d like to delete your own post, I’d appreciate it, as it’s not really relevant to this thread. Thanks.

We cannot default to censorship, censorship resistance is engrained in the philosophy of what we are doing here.

If, for some reason, you set this forum up so any random member can anonymously flag something and the default is to approve censoring, I hope you change this immediately. Community flagging should not be anonymous and should not be enforced without either action from an admin or possibly the exception of some threshold of the number of users who have flagged a comment.

My comment was both on topic and appropriate for this thread. It was directly related to both something you mentioned you did in your progress update AND something you failed to do and I believe you owe the community an explanation of your stance on accountability, private/backroom chats and conflict of interest.

Oct 19 - Oct 26:

Oct 26 - Nov 03:


Nov 03 - Nov 09:

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Nov 09 - Nov 16:

Nov 16 - Nov 23:

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Nov 23 - Nov 30:


Nov 30 - Dec 07:

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