Request for funding / Antioch / Oct-Dec 2020

I am currently funded through until the end of September.
I would like to request a further 3 months of funding to cover October through to December.
This would be for the standard yeastunit of €10k/month.

Previous funding request -

Quick postmortem on what I accomplished vs. what I originally suggested in the above request -


I originally anticipated working on a wide variety of wallet and transaction building work and none of this materialized.
Things have felt slow, at times frustratingly so, over the past few months.

But with hindsight I think this has been for the best. We are being very deliberate not to rush anything.
The obvious downside of this is it can appear, at times, that we are not actually doing anything and simply treading water.

Much of what we have achieved together over the past few months is not necessarily visible but important nonetheless. We have a far better understanding, and hopefully alignment and agreement, around HF4 and what this is going to look like. We were looking at it as a “final chance” to get big important changes deployed. This is the wrong of looking at it. I think we are getting more comfortable with the idea that HF4 introduces a level of immutability and permanence that has been lacking so far. Deploying changes beyond HF4 will require some serious consensus building effort across the community.

So given the significant lack of concrete progress on my planned tasks for Q3, what am I proposing to do in Q4?

Let me get this out of the way first - I want to avoid proposing a list of features that I plan to implement.
Any new deliverables being proposed have a good chance of not making it in for HF4.

That said, this is what I am proposing personally for Q4 -

  1. Be available. I view my most important task over the next few months as working to minimize bottlenecks in terms of implementation.
    Progress may feel slow right now but lets not make it any slower than it needs to be.
    Specific example: We are severely resource constrained and it can be hard to get PRs reviewed. I will be available for reviews and will set time aside to make this possible.
    There are going to be plenty of small tasks to get done between now and end of the year. I am going to grab what I can and make sure we continue to take small steps in the right direction.

  2. A willingness to say “yes” to things that make sense to tackle over the next few months.
    We may be pushing back on a lot of ideas right now (see our list of in-progress RFCs and forum discussions) but there is a good chance we come to consensus and commit to delivering something.
    Parallel IBD looks promising. Jasper is back and working to move this forward. Lets see what we can do to deliver this for HF4.

  3. A hardline on saying “no”. Probably a lot, probably repeatedly.
    This is unlikely to do me any favors in the community but the next few months are going to be critical in terms of what we don’t do.
    Everybody (myself included) is going to want to get their favorite pet projects completed for HF4.
    We want to minimize the risk of rushing anything in that we later regret.
    Things are going to take the time they take and not everything is going to make it in for HF4.