Recommendations to the grin Committee!

Grin’s Committee suggests that you seize the rising NFT market, contact all NFT trading markets, and let the market support the use of grin as the currency for NFT exchange, which can well increase the market consensus and liquidity of GRIN currency, and also propose the monetary attribute, the essential function of grin as an encrypted private currency.

(I use translation software. Please understand if I can’t express clearly)

Gate’s NFT market has just begun to develop, and the community committee can try to contact the official negotiation of gate.

Regarding NFT’s, we were thinking to do a Grin NFT challenge:

Not sure if and how we should push Grin as currency for NFT exchange.

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Part of the appeal of NFTs is that publicly available information is stored on the blockchain, such as content hashes and IPFS addresses. I don’t see where Grin fits in here.


Let’s see if the grin community has any interest in NFT’s

I have put my dragon up for sale.

If it sells, then we will have the first exchange of GRIN for an NFT on record, which will prove that GRIN can be used as an exchange for NFT’s like you are suggesting.