NFT challenge! Yellow Grin art!

This could sound a bit crazy, but why not create a challenge around NFTs? We could let the community pick the best 20, then using whatever service out there we could mint them. We already have some good memes, backgrounds and art in general. For me NTFs, are good to capture the collective sentiment in the current timeline; 5 or 10 or 20 or 50 years laters we could look back and have some fun, but in the meantime the NTFs could be a great piece of art in any living room or office.

This is just a raw idea, if you think it is worth it we could draft it step by step.

PD: I’m referring specifically to art.


I’m on your side with this. It’s a community thing and will help marketing the project. Although I expect a big wave of disagreement due to the nature of the project but Com’On, community things are more or less like this.

I have created a loot style grin nft, just for fun, although it have not minted.


cool, there is a lot of attention at different NFT approaches.
If someone from the GRIN community is involved in “” we could open a GRIN-land if we find a cheap one :slight_smile:

I need to correct myself, someone already got a GRIN land there :slight_smile: