Quick check in and update

I’m busy with other things these days but remain available for emergencies. I monitor council and security keybase groups on a daily basis in case sth is needed but no other groups.

I may not be back in the same capacity, but in that case I will help responsibly transition keys, account privileges, etc before I would become unreachable. :pray:


if you want to leave it is ok no one is forced to stay one something for ever but at least leave nicely find a person in community that has the merit give them access and keys
there are not many dev active right now but its not late to make things right please


He said he would “help responsibly transition keys, account privileges, etc” before he ever becomes unreachable


Thanks @lehnberg. Would you be willing to hand off the newsletter to @Neo?


Maybe the financial reports should be handed off too. The last one was from March.