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Good day. I am a fan of ideas grin. from that day - I start to participate in the project, follow him already a few months.
there are several important issues with regards to grin, which will give the opportunity to compare its potential other currencies.

  1. what is the possible capacity in the number of transactions per second?
  2. Mobile devices are not complete wallets. so for transactions they will connect to the full nodes. In this case, will not they be deanonymous? Is it possible to have an easy anonymous wallet for a computer and a smartphone?
  3. To send Grins, do you need the beneficiary’s participation?
  4. Emission of coins is limited?

Sorry for my English.

  1. capacity is comparable to bitcoin with more frequent blocks but bigger transactions.

  2. i don’t see why light clients would be less anonymous.

  3. yes, you need to interact with other parties’ wallets to transact.

  4. emission is linear (constant block reward)

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