Questions about grin.

Hi I understand grin isn’t traceable because it doesn’t record addresses on its Blockchain or the TX amounts my question is does that make it completely secret and anonymous or are there still factors that make it traceable in some way?.

Another question I have is what’s the most straight forward and secure way of buying some grim token?, also I can’t find how many grin are going to be produced does anyone know that figure?.

Hope you can clear up these questions.

Grin is limited to 60 grin emitted every minute.

You can buy grin on any exchanges that offer it (refer to coin market cap website).

Transaction linkability is still a privacy concern. Inputs and outputs can be seen, however, no amounts are shown. What’s interesting is that multiple transactions could be joined into one transaction in order to remove the link ability of transactions, however work is still being done in ways to create these joined transactions without giving away identifiable information about each particular transaction.