Proof of concept matrix chat

Per the discussions around the privacy, access, and centralization reasons we need to move away from keybase/telegram/discord I took the initiative and like the Monero project made a chat space at

grin ツ mimblewimble

I hope some of you will come check it out all you need is a client like and the general channel is accessible without joining an account.

I’ll be working on building a self hosted HA instance where it will have bridges to the telegram channels and discord so people can talk between them and slowly move over to Matrix.

Feedback and retweets are appreciated


Do not forget to also share this on the Telegram group, there you will find most community members who do not like KeyBase and forum :wink:

Unfortunately I’m shadowbanned from grinprivacy as my first post contained a link and the admins can’t figure out the way to fix it. I announced on grin_trader and grinpunks though and got some members trickling in to the matrix room now.

I really hate telegram but understand why it’s the most popular choice. I personally like IRC and will eventually make a channel that also bridges between all the chats to give users choice and have interconnectivity between all of the most popular chat methods


I’m giving away 100GRIN in matrix channel, come and see :smiley:

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I tried joining the channel a few days ago, and haven’t been able to. Are the room permissions open to users from other servers?

Out of curiosity, is anyone in the room from a account?

I have the permissions wide open for joining, and you don’t need membership to post in general, only the secondary rooms. I checked and I do not have the option to block participants enabled on the grincoin space.

No one has claimed the 100 GRIN yet I don’t think, the slatepack is posted in general.

We can do collaborative spreadsheets and noobvie suggested we do a lottery where we pick a user at random with and everything can be kept track of on a spreadsheet for all to see.

I am going to start setting up the IRC channel next week, and matrix will be the first bridge I do before also adding telegram channels and discord as well.


what is the problem with keybase? Is there an evidence that the privacy is corrupted somehow? For me it is obvious, that it encourages people to share personal information, but that is on choice I think.

Keybase kicked me off a few years ago for being in a 3d printing group. One of the users printed a gun, and Keybase banned everyone in the entire group, even those who never had anything to do with gun related activity.

I lost access to my Grin chat account and so many other communities, because a keybase employee took offense to something someone else did. Keybase’s closed proprietary, authoritarian, censorship-heavy approach is antithetical to open source freedom software. If you want to have a chat with FOSS devs, then you aren’t going to find it often on Keybase.

Matrix on the other hand is an open standard with many clients for many platforms with very wide adoption. And it is uncensorable and uncontrollable by by design.

I’m not going to tell people to leave keybase (I gave up on that a while ago), but if you want to reach a wider community (especially a community with any density of FOSS devs) Matrix, IRC, and XMPP are much better choices.


Keybase is owned by Zoom since 2020, so its 100% NSA backed, just like their video-service. Sure they are monitoring all groups to prevent unnecessary activities, I am not even talking about meta-data leaks… who know they know.

We really need more ways to communicate safely and teach newbies, our kids should escape from social surveillance, its our responsibility as for old-school grinners, peace :vulcan_salute:


Best place for communication is still the forum since posts are organised in topics. Keybase is great for technical questions and discussions. Pitty to hear their indiscriminat banning behavior.

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I was not aware of that. Generally I assumed (not shure) that NSA does not respect any real privacy to the people. That let’s me thing what the vectors, to break the privacy of keybase, might be. Is it possible that Electron framework has a general backdoor?

Electron has had countless high security vulnerabilities over the years, including remote code execution vulnerabilities. There’s a reason many refuse to run Electron in secure environments. Some just disable javascript entirely.

I don’t know of any electron vulnerabilities today, but I just always assume someone has a zero day that the world hasn’t found out about yet.

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Public Telegram Community Council chat as requested by the community. Read only, unless you are a CC member.

No particular issue, it’s just a daunting task to sign up for some. Zoom owning it is a bit of a concern I wouldn’t call deal breaking.

I would just like to have IRC as a central chat room that is bridged to all the other chats and unify evertyhing to allow cross-platform chat since none of them are especially crowded and all seem fairly active, but I think bridging would increase activity.


Just an update for all.

For some reason I am getting banned on Telegram over and over with new numbers so that drove home the importance of bridging our various chats due to censorship concerns.

I have deployed the first bridge between the POC chat and the SnooNet IRC chat I’m trying out. Here are links to those again.

Matrix chat web chat
channel is #grin_mw

If you are a mod of the telegram groups or Discord server and would like to assist me when the time comes to activate the bridging on your end, I’d greatly appreciate that.


Feel free to reach out to me for the Discord component, I helped setup the current bridges.